Curious, very curious

Sep 6th, 2009 12:05:00am

Now that I have returned, after such a long absence, to this blog,* I itch to write. It is surprising I have not started twitching yet, I desire to so badly. Makes me wonder whether this is how true passion feels like. Passion for an occupation, I mean. Does it take you over, that urge? Control you, overwhelm your senses until it is all you can think about, all you want to think about until it is done?

That is how I feel now. Inspiration is flowing through my veins, and, to quote that rather cliche idiom, “I’m on fire”. It’s curious that this happens now, after only recently considering Media as a major. It’s also curious that I now see ads for the course almost everywhere I go. It’s curious that right now, at this moment, I can think of nothing else I’d rather learn to become than a writer of some sort.

It is curious that, even though I know it is no more than a dream, I can see myself so clearly behind a laptop, writing for some magazine or newspaper. I wonder at the ability of us humans to dream, to visualise so clearly. As far-fetched and unrealistic as those dreams can be, it does not stop us from having them anyway. People could say that we have our heads in the clouds, and that we should come back down to earth. Well that may be so, in my case at least, but those who pay the nay-sayers no heed; those who stay up among those clouds and build their castle in the sky; they prove them wrong everyday.

It is curious how, when we believe in something strong enough, we can achieve those dreams, despite the circumstances. It is curious how determined us humans are, when it is our dreams are on the line.

It is curious how some people give up on their dreams, believing the ones who say it can’t be done. Sometimes, it is even themselves who say it can’t be done. I, admittedly, am of the latter group. It does not stop me from admiring people who have pursued their ambitions honorably, and who have succeeded, and that’s curious too, for should I not be envying them, instead of applauding them?
However, most curious of all, is that those who say you can’t do it? The people who claim it’s stupid and wrong to go after what you want? They only say it because they didn’t get what they wanted. They didn’t make it; they gave up, and they are all the more bitter because of it.

*”This blog” being the blog this was originally posted to all those years ago.

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