The Future Is Bright

Apr 15th, 2011 4:34:00pm

I am officially in my last year of high school. Then A-levels (which is considered as college) then university.

Just yesterday, it was my first day in first grade, and I was silently crying because my bag’s zipper broke and I didn’t know how to get my books out, scared I’d get in trouble on my very first day.

I don’t really feel all that much about it. I don’t think it’s hit me yet. Or maybe I’m not one to put a whole lot of significance on something that is really just the end of another school year. I do know one thing, though. It sneaked up on me, this one. After years of complaining, unable to wait until I’m finally done with school, this year feels like it came out of nowhere. “Whoa. How did I get here so soon?”

There are three possibilities. To look back, and wonder about the “Shoulda” “Coulda” and “Woulda”s that one inevitably comes across during life. Or to panic and feel unprepared. Or, to remember that what is to come is going to be just as fleeting as what has been. To remember to start slowing down, not speeding up, before your whole life becomes a blur of “How did I get here?”

I want to slow down. I am looking forward to the future. Because I promise you all this, and I am going to take control of it. There is only one person whom you can allow to shape your future, and that is you. Only you. I don’t want to look back and wonder where my life went. I plan to look back and smile, with not a single regret.

I want to meet death as an old friend, and fear nothing, regret nothing, worry of nothing, because I lived my life the way I wanted.

I want to look beside me and see the person I made it through with, and smile happily because we did it together.

I want to grab time, that ever-in-flight spirit, and bring it close, forcing it to slow down for me so each moment is savoured.

I want to live life the way it is meant to be lived. To the fullest.

Don’t let the years sneak up on you. Run towards them with determination and ambition. With passion. Follow your heart. There is a quote that says something along the lines of, if you don’t know what you want, then figure out what you don’t want and avoid it. Then what you want will come to you naturally. With every elimination of what you don’t want, you are walking closer to what you do. Keep walking. Never stop. You’ll get there.

The future is bright. It is always, always bright. The only darkness comes from the bleakness of the present. Don’t let it blind you.

Seize every moment. Take every chance. Remember to stop every once in a while, and look around. Make it so whenever you do, all you see is cause for a smile.

The world is ours. It’s ours. It’s ours.

See you on the other side. No regrets.

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