About this Blog

I am interested in far too many things. I love movement, especially the discipline of Parkour. I love writing short bits of prose based on vivid dreams, depressing snippets of poetry, and whatever falls in between. I love photography and videography- capturing little moments and learning how to tell stories visually. I love sometimes just blathering on about whatever – some musing about life, some thought or realization about myself, some fascinating new fact I’ve learned. And sometimes, I love keeping just a random diary for myself, capturing my thoughts.

I do not claim to be good at any of these things. I can barely claim to be mediocre. But I am tired of feeling the need to slot all of them into different platforms, and then having the pressure of a blank page turn those outlets into dusty relics.

This place is my singular outlet, my repository.

For anything. For everything.

A lot of it will be archival at first. Old posts from old blogs that don’t exist anymore, some even over a decade old, and all of it so very, very cringe. These will all be under the “Super Old Writing” category. But then, moving forward, even I don’t know what will wind up here in terms of content.

I don’t expect anyone to read or look at what I post, but if you are curious, then great. If you stay, be kind.

Welcome to the inside of my mind.