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“It’s funny how things change.”

A cliche statement, but only because of how often it is used. One situation, status, quickly morphing into something completely unlike itself. It happens all too often, proving that Life, Fate, Circumstance… they are the true masters of happenings.

Do they toss a coin? Close their eyes and point?

No. Can’t be. Far too cunning. Far too much irony. Too much.. everything, for it to be a random thing, left to their friend: Chance.

They like spontaneity. Being unpredictable. Though sometimes they give clues to prepare you for what they have in store. Chance plays her part well, here. It is her element. Deciding whether or not you spot them.

They play carefully, strike suddenly. For the better here, for the worse there.

A game? No.

An art? Perhaps.

And undeniable fact. A truth that cannot be ignored. That is the true nature of this.

Change. Funny how it happens.

Funny how things change.

But not funny at all.

It is, after all, the only constant. It happens too often.

With cruelty. With kindness.

Alternating. Coming in all at once.

Good with bad. With more good.

So many possibilities. A choice you make and their plan alters instantly.

Funny? Not funny.

Beautiful. All kinds.

Even while lamenting now, in the end, when it’s over, when every feeling has been disconnected and discarded, it is seen, in it’s truest form. Beautiful. 
It passes. It all passes.
 When you have overcome. Seen your strength. Your power. Beautiful.
When you make the choices that trigger their kindness. Beautiful.
When, at the end of it, you finally know who you are: Beautiful.

Yet still we say: “Funny how things change.”

No. Breathe. Breathe and whisper, “I am where I am meant to be. It shall pass.”

Change. Funny.

This was written on a whim. Straight from my thoughts, not a single word changed or rephrased. Although the paragraphing has been, as it was originally written line by line. I don’t know where it came from, but here it is.

Makes Me Think

Sep 5th, 2009 9:29:00pm

When reuniting with someone you haven’t seen in years, there is always one thing [for us teens anyways] you can be sure to expect: the exclamations of “Look how much you’ve grown!” or “Last time I saw you, you were this high!” or possibly “My, how the years pass!” You smile and you nod and you laugh politely at any jokes, in the meantime thinking that apart from a few grey hairs, a few more laugh-lines, and maybe a slight loss/gain in weight, they look the same.

I can’t help but wonder whether when they see us kids, all grown up and not the kind to sit on laps anymore, they are reminded of how much older they’ve become as well. Are we symbols of the fact that their generation is thinning out, and soon it’ll be our turn to venture into the world? Or perhaps we are reminders of their own youth, when things were so much easier for them? Do they reflect on how much time has passed between our last meeting, and see the signs on our faces?

After all for us, adults are constant. They may vary slightly from our memory, which is to be expected, but still, in essence, the same. We however, almost never bear the same features as they remember. Perhaps the only thing to remain intact and untouched by change is our eyes. Even then, contacts or glasses could have altered that as well. However, for adults, we are change. We are those who stand to replace them when our time comes and theirs ends. We are those who can make a difference where they could not. Discoveries and achievements await us. We are the new, the different.

So maybe adults don’t see us as signs of their age after all. Maybe they see us as the catalysts of change in the unseen future. We don’t know what’s going to happen, and neither do they, but the one thing we both know is it’s going to make a difference to all: the older generation, and us, the new. We decide our future, just as they chose theirs. And just as they altered the world, so shall we. For better, or for worse, who knows? The constant here is change, and the impact it has on all our lives. Perhaps they see it in us, after those months and years apart.