Watch yourself. Be careful now.
The anger’s building up again…
You can’t see it yet I fear,
but the beast is rising from its den
and this pen will become my sharp weapon

But forget writing curses, I’ll draw blood,
then drag you rough across the mud,
my face expressionless, eyes cold as ice
If you don’t heed my warning, pay the price
Bites ravaging your helpless skin
as I relish in
one of the deadly sins:


Destruction is its path
The mood never lasts,
but once it’s over, too late
the damage is wholly done
The memory will haunt you,
there’s no cleaning that slate,
So before you see something you can’t forget,
darling, I suggest you run

Yes, please turn back before I react
and these walls c r a c k
and the monster I hold within attacks
with its heart of black…
Because there’s no controlling it once it’s out
Merciless, so have no doubt
this thing’s thirsting for blood to spout and
there’s venom dripping from its mouth.
Silent yet deadly,
Don’t get me angry.
Because I get psychotic.

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